10 places where anyone can learn to code

I have recently become devoted to learning coding basics so that I can at the very least create a simple and decent website. I think on my own time, outside of school it will be a great learning experience. I’ve always had small opportunities to learn coding but have never able to fully grasp the skill, or I allow too much time to pass making me forget. I think trying one of the options on this blog post from Ted will really help me nail it down and finally get a good grasp on it. I got this!




Kirkland Museum Move


I found out about the Kirkland Museum move the other day and because of my internship at History Colorado, became curious about what the preservation community thought about it. It is my favorite art museum, and I can’t decide whether or not I like the idea of uprooting the building from its historic location. I asked the members of the Preserve Colorado Network group on Facebook and one of the responses came from a resident of Cap Hill who hated the idea. I agree with his argument that one of the main purposes of historic preservation is original context. It would seem to convolute the history of the building and Vance Kirkland’s life. 

Kirkland Museum

Bruce Springsteen, Woody Allen, and the Long Tradition of Hating Your Own Work

Bruce Springsteen, Woody Allen, and the Long Tradition of Hating Your Own Work

“The art we produce lives in queasy balance with the art we can imagine.” – Michael Cunningham (author) This resonates with me quite a bit. It seems that almost every time I “finish” a project, I always hate it a little. Perhaps that is from looking at it for so long, being too close, and realizing it’s not perfect. I think mainly it happens just like the quote says, I compare it to the work I see, admire and desire to create, and it doesn’t compare in my mind. A more optimistic outlook would come from the book by Paul Arden, It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be.

Where does freedom of speech and religion end and discrimination begin?

I’ve been very disheartened by political debate taking place on Facebook recently. People speak without truth and with hate and disrespect for each other. In the wake of some events taking place in the United States involving freedom of speech and discrimination I did a little researching on my own into the Bill of Rights, discrimination, hate speech, etc.

While doing so I came across a forum discussing freedom of speech and religion vs. discrimination during the Chik-fil-a and the Washington state floral shop refusing service to a gay couple. I found the way the participants of the discussion DISCUSSED the issue to be respectful and insightful. After reading it I wasn’t angry with what people were saying on either side of the argument, like I am when reading the disrespectful comments on a Facebook post. These people ask questions, play a respectful devil’s advocate and use their logic, not their emotions to articulate their opinions. It’s a good read, and definitely something to think about.


Cranky Pressman – Inspector Stamp

Cranky Pressman – Inspector Stamp

I need to get this stamp designed and sent to this company BEFORE this Saturday the 6th. It takes 10 days from receipt of file to delivery. My tchotchke project is due on the 16th. I want to do two of these stamps, one with a circular shape, one with a triangular shape. Each one will have a VERY SHORT “geeky” “designerly” quote or graphic. Something timeless. Something that would be fun to use for years to come after attending a typography convention…now that I say it, they almost need to be words only…I mean it is from a typographic event…hmmm…

Andrew Bird – Oh No (live)


On the CD this song has a perfect little 30 second instrumental song (up until he starts to sing) that I am going to use for the sound effects/music for my kinetic typography video. It’s a little more drawn out in this video but you get the idea. Also, this video is great for anyone who hasn’t seen Andrew Bird doin’ his thing.