Tattered Cover Turned Pura Vida

During my internship at Ellen Bruss I became familiar with the local architecture and design firm, Semple Brown Design. They’ve had their hand in so many local projects and one of them I was particularly interested in was the old Tattered Cover building in Cherry Creek renovation about 7 years ago. The old building was really outdated and almost frumpy looking. If a building can be frumpy. I think Semple Brown’s design really enhanced the possibilities that the building wasn’t capable of in the past. The modern design and large panes of glass really open up the building and make the inside interact with the environment around it.

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Architect Profiles: Richard Crowther (1910-2007)

Architect Profiles: Richard Crowther (1910-2007)

I’ve recently become interested in the history of Lakeside Amusement Park. This is a decent article showing photographs of Crowther’s work at the park as well as various buildings he designed around the Denver area. He designed the art deco style ticket booths at the park. Lakeside is the greatest place for a person like me; electric typography, history, design, architecture…heaven.


Inspiration for Infographic

This is the style I’m going for in my infographic. The vintage Californian look used in ads and postcards.

This is a modern rendition of Californian style. I like the “stamp” type look. I really want to create stamps for all–or most–of my icons. Also, I dig the hand rendered type. Going to be using a lot of that…

Also, I like the way these infographics look. The Mark Twain tree is an amazing way to show scale! Might steal that…

I’ve always loved this infographic because it gives the illusion of depth on the page and really illustrates the passage of time at the same time. A technique I could make use of!