Where does freedom of speech and religion end and discrimination begin?

I’ve been very disheartened by political debate taking place on Facebook recently. People speak without truth and with hate and disrespect for each other. In the wake of some events taking place in the United States involving freedom of speech and discrimination I did a little researching on my own into the Bill of Rights, discrimination, hate speech, etc.

While doing so I came across a forum discussing freedom of speech and religion vs. discrimination during the Chik-fil-a and the Washington state floral shop refusing service to a gay couple. I found the way the participants of the discussion DISCUSSED the issue to be respectful and insightful. After reading it I wasn’t angry with what people were saying on either side of the argument, like I am when reading the disrespectful comments on a Facebook post. These people ask questions, play a respectful devil’s advocate and use their logic, not their emotions to articulate their opinions. It’s a good read, and definitely something to think about.



Architect Profiles: Richard Crowther (1910-2007)

Architect Profiles: Richard Crowther (1910-2007)

I’ve recently become interested in the history of Lakeside Amusement Park. This is a decent article showing photographs of Crowther’s work at the park as well as various buildings he designed around the Denver area. He designed the art deco style ticket booths at the park. Lakeside is the greatest place for a person like me; electric typography, history, design, architecture…heaven.


Chip Kidd | Designing books is no laughing matter. Ok, it is.

Before I saw this video I always felt that tracing was kind of cheating. I always wanted to have the natural talent of being able to draw freely from my mind, from scratch. Chip Kidd mentions that he traced the t-rex skeleton on the cover of the Jurassic Park book from a textbook (side note: I wonder how exact that tracing was? I assume that he finessed it and made it his own). The design comes in within the concept and the finesse of that tracing, and . I have also had the pleasire of experiencing Identity and Systems Design with Martin Mendelsberg. He helped me grow quite fond of combining photography and tracing to create illustrations. It’s a great way to develop an eye for shapes and become better at illustration in general.