Architect Profiles: Richard Crowther (1910-2007)

Architect Profiles: Richard Crowther (1910-2007)

I’ve recently become interested in the history of Lakeside Amusement Park. This is a decent article showing photographs of Crowther’s work at the park as well as various buildings he designed around the Denver area. He designed the art deco style ticket booths at the park. Lakeside is the greatest place for a person like me; electric typography, history, design, architecture…heaven.



2 thoughts on “Architect Profiles: Richard Crowther (1910-2007)

  1. The redesign Crowther did at Lakeside was in the Streamline Style, NOT Art Deco.
    I think I did some drafting for him once sometime in the 80’s. I don’t remember anything about him really.

    1. Very good to know. From what I’ve read about Crowther, his designs at Lakeside are described as Art Deco. Also, after doing a little research on the Streamline Style it seems it is a late type of Art Deco design and architecture. So it might be more accurate to say Lakeside was redesigned in the Streamline Style but not wrong to say Art Deco.

      That is very cool you did some drafting for him in the past. I wish you did remember him, I’d ask you all about him. Thanks for the clarification!

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