Second Saturday Art Walk at Wazee Union

Second Saturday Art Walk

I have a friend who just started renting a studio space at Wazee Union in Denver. She graduated from the Oregon College of Art & Craft. She uses half of her studio space for creating her magnificent textiles and just opened the other half as a gallery to show and sell artwork of local artists. It’s called Maker Studio Gallery, so check it out if you please. She invited my friends and my boyfriend and I to come to her studio opening and to check out the rest of the artists in the building. It was such a strange place. A warehouse, haphazardly sectioned off into tiny little studio spaces for local artists. There were rope dancers, abstract painters, and strange animated unicorn fornication videos That same artists also did unsettling dioramas of naked clay figures involved in tortuous psychological experiments inside of mason jars…eeeehhhh.

I did appreciate the work of a select few artists. There was a silk-screening company (I believe Derailed-Ink) who worked out of one of the larger studios. Also, a young woman with the tiniest studio I had ever seen (I was tempted to ask how much she paid for it) did crafty artwork of french bulldogs. Almost like really nicely done scrapbook page collage paintings. I—as well as my boyfriend—appreciated this work.

I was mainly interested in everyone’s marketing techniques, I took as many business cards and postcards as I could. I was underwhelmed by most of them…ususally because of the cheap paper. Most were really light weight paper and one sorry soul even used the generic fake parchment paper.

We also took advantage of the large variety of free alcohol provided…


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